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New 'Old' Friends

In 2016 I delivered a ‘Leadership Lessons from Formula 1” keynote in Miami at an HR Americas Conference at a time that Miami was considering hosting an F1 Grand Prix. The inaugural Miami GP eventually took place in 2022 on a circuit built around the Hard Rock Stadium.

I was delighted to be on the conference agenda as an appetizer for the featured main course, Dave Ulrich, aka the Father of Modern HR. Dave sat in on my session and I, of course, took the opportunity to observe his session where he shared his wisdom while masterfully engaging the audience.

At the conference I met Chris Altizer, MA, MBA who had just moved to Florida to start his journey as an executive coach and consultant. Chris brought a wealth of experience to the market having previously served in senior global leadership positions in his 30+ year HR career including Chief Talent Officer and SVP HR roles at Pfizer and Aetna.

Since then, Chris also became an Adjunct Lecturer, at Florida International University’s Department of Global Leadership and Management. In addition, he co-authored “Growing the Elephant – increasing earned advantage for all” that aims to build skills, practices, and mindset to meet and stay with what’s difficult. It’s for leaders and followers at any level and those who help them in building and sustaining inclusion, diversity, and equity.

No visit to South Florida is complete without a chance to catch up with Chris and Anne Altizer, which my wife and I did this weekend. So great to talk about issues of the day and developments in our personal and professional lives. I am already looking forward the next time we can be together.

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