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Why did I write "Exploding Turkeys?"

I have been asked how I started to write my new book. For that I must thank my 100 Coaches colleagues who about 18 months ago established a weekly ‘hour of power’ where, on LinkedIn, we share insights, ideas, and articles. It continues to be a powerful opportunity to learn from each other.

At the start, not knowing what to write about, my daughter reminded me that I have been telling stories about my business travels at conferences and in classrooms for much of my career. So, I began to write short vignettes from my experiences, adding a life or business lesson for each.

After receiving enthusiastic reactions from readers on LinkedIn, I was encouraged to compile those stories, and many others not posted, into a book.

“Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers, Adventures in global business.” has 53 adventures. I hope readers find them enjoyable and the takeaways useful in their careers or personal lives. It will be published on July 6th.

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