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Thank you Sattar Bawany

I met Singapore-based Sattar Bawany through our mutual association with @EDAINC, a world-class firm offering executive development programs and coaching.

Sattar is a consummate speaker, teacher, and author. I am delighted that we have been able to stay in touch despite the distance between us and the disruption of the past eighteen months. I am very appreciative that he has written the following endorsement for “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trouser, Adventures in global business.”

"Through powerful anecdotes and lively storytelling, this book unveils the hard-learned and invaluable lessons from Ken Pasternak’s professional life and career. It is filled with fresh insights and personal experiences, as well as offering thoughtful and pragmatic lessons to which readers from students to CEOs will relate. Ken offers wisdom and the gift of much-needed common sense, chapterby chapter and experience by experience. I recommend this book highly for anyone who wants to gain valuable insights from a consummate storyteller. A must-read!"

Professor Sattar Bawany, CEO, Disruptive Leadership Institute, Professor of Practice, IPE Management School, Paris and author of “Leadership in Disruptive Times”

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