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The more time I am privileged to spend on earth I am struck by the feeling that “timing is everything.”

The 1981 crisp, autumn afternoon in Manhattan watching New York Marathon runners turn a corner in Central Park, only to find a few years later that my future wife was running by that very spot the same moment I was there.

In 2008, when I cancelled a trip to Mumbai without any discernible reason, something I had never done before, only to watch on television a few days later, the devastating terrorist attacks when we would have been in that city.

I, like most of you, could describe many moments in my personal and business life where luck or fate seemed to have stepped in.

In “Connect the Dots,” the international version of “The Serendipity Mindset,” Christian Busch shows that surprising encounters and unexplained events are perhaps not so mysterious. He explores how one can not only be open to the unexpected, one can benefit from that awareness. This is a well-research book that just might open your eyes to a new way of perceiving what is happening around you.

The next time you consider your good or bad luck, perhaps there is more behind it than you realize.

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