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My second leadership workshop in Slovenia

It was a surprising start to my most recent trip, unexpectedly running into my son at 7am in the Helsinki airport lounge. He was traveling to speak at a conference in Stockholm, I was flying to Ljubljana to deliver my second workshop for a C-suite team in Slovenia. This time our “Leadership in Challenging Times” seminar took place at the Ribno Alpine Resort, located near Bled, a family-run hotel that caters for cyclists (Slovenian Tadej Pogacar has won the Tour de France the past two years) and is committed to sustainable development. In the first workshop we discussed Mindsets, Change and Culture. This time we addressed Leadership, Communicating and Teamwork. After the seminar, I was treated to an early evening tour of nearby Bled Castle with its spectacular views of the lake and surrounding areas. A great way to conclude an intensive day of lively discussions.

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