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Mary Jo Jacobi endorsement of "Exploding Turkeys"

2003, at an Inspired Leaders dinner event for 150 guests in London, I was enthralled by the passion of two entrepreneurs at my table who had started a Smoothie business. Their dedication paid off when 6 years later, Coca Cola invested in their ‘Innocent’ brand.

One of the keynote speakers, Mary Jo Jacobi, Head of External Affairs at Royal Dutch Shell was particularly engaging. Soon after, we discussed reputation management, Formula 1, and Ferrari at her office.

Since then, we have met when our schedules coincided in London, Washington D.C., and 2 years ago at our home in Helsinki.

Mary Jo has been a C-suite executive with several other multinationals and distinctively, has been appointed to office by two American Presidents, two British Prime Ministers and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

I thank Mary Jo for providing her endorsement of “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers, Adventures in global business,” which hints at her New Orleans roots.

“Ken Pasternak has prepared a spicy gumbo of great advice and thoughtful observations, served in entertaining and memorable bites. From alliances to attitude, culture to communications, there’s something useful and informative for every taste.”

-Mary Jo Jacobi

Strategic advisor, corporate director, broadcast commentator, public speaker

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