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High Performance Coaching

I met Dr. Aki Hintsa on a flight to the Barcelona F1 Grand Prix in 2008. Intrigued by his holistic approach to coaching, we included elements of his philosophy as it related to Formula 1 drivers in the 2nd and 3rd editions of “Performance at the Limit.”

His company, Hintsa Performance, has developed into an outstanding provider of high-performance coaching for individuals and organizations.

After meeting Annastiina Hintsa, CEO of Hintsa Performance, at the British GP a few years ago, she introduced me to Pekka Pohjakallio. We were immediately on the same wavelength about how to assist people and companies to become the best versions of themselves.

Earlier this year I was delighted to become a Brand Ambassador for Hintsa Performance and appreciate that Pekka provided the following endorsement for my new book, “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trouser, Adventures in global business.”

"Storytelling makes events come alive. Ken’s book is a great collection of stories about international business. At a time of increasing cynicism, Ken’s stories show how people, friendship, and empathy also have their place in business. Truly enjoyable!"

Pekka Pohjakallio, Director, Global Business Development and Executive Mentor

Hintsa Performance

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