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Four LIFO Strategies to improve effectiveness with others

In several recent posts I have discussed the Life Orientations (LIFO) Method and its value in development self-awareness and improving individual and team productivity by focusing on behaviors and strengths.

In LIFO terms, the four styles that we use to interact with others are compatible with Harmony, Excellence, Action, and Reason (HEAR). Each of us uses all four orientations, but typically one or two are used more often than others. We also established that the styles we use may shift when we operate under stress or in unfavorable conditions.

Once we understand our most prevalent styles, what can we do with that information? How can we become more successful in our personal interactions and communications, especially when employing our strengths does not seem to achieve our aims? LIFO offers four performance strategies: Confirming, Moderating, Extending, and Bridging.


Build confidence and self-esteem by understanding and appreciating your styles, strengths, and uniqueness. Seek situations which bring out the best in you.


Once you have learned to recognize the triggers that cause you to overuse your preferred strengths avoid doing so in order, not to waste time and energy or have a negative impact on others.


Learn to be more versatile in your approach to people and problems by using more of the strengths of your least preferred styles. Get help from people with different styles and strengths to fill in your blind spots.


Improve your communication with people who are different from you by matching your approach to their most preferred ways of communicating.

Life Orientations (LIFO) is a methodology that has been used by nine million people in 20,000 organizations worldwide. If you are interested in improving your individual productivity or team effectiveness it might be worth investigating.

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