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Exploding Turkeys - 2 years old

It has been said that time does not pass, it continues.

I continue to travel, speak at conferences, and teach executives, but would like to take this moment to mark the two-year anniversary since the publication of my third book, “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers, Adventures in Global Business.” The pandemic gave me the opportunity to recall and share my international business experiences in 53 short stories each containing a lesson or takeaway at the end.

The Kindle edition reached Amazon’s Best Seller List on launch day. This was followed by the paperback edition and audio book which I recorded myself. I appreciated receiving many endorsements and positive reviews like these:

“Inspiring! Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers utilizes short, often humorous stories to pack profound truths and insights. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, world-renowned educator, executive coach, and bestselling author.

“With clever humor combined with common sense, Ken delivers wisdom that enriches and enlightens the reader. Explore the world while sampling bite-sized morsels from every delicious page.” BARBARA BARRETT, former US Secretary of the Air Force and Ambassador to Finland.

“Love this book for its comfortable conversation, the feeling of the author’s presence. It is easy to read and plenty to learn. Simple stories with simple conclusions that drive you through the wisdom of the author, coaching you through storytelling.” 5-star review on NetGalley

Don’t let more time pass, pick up your copy:




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