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Endorsement from the Father of Modern Human Resources

Several years ago, I delivered a keynote in Miami to an audience of seventy HR directors. I spoke about creating a culture that supports effective teamwork. That afternoon Dave Ulrich was scheduled to speak. As a big fan of his work, I stayed to see him in action. He did not disappoint.

Dave is often referred to as the Father of Modern Human Resources. He has been cited as #1 Most Influential International Thought Leader and #1 most influential person in HR (HR Magazine), #1 management educator and guru (Business Week), one of the “world’s top five” business coaches (Forbes), and a prolific best-selling author.

I have enjoyed staying in contact with Dave, am honored that he read “Exploding Turkeys,” and has provided this endorsement.

“As a fellow road warrior, I fully appreciate Ken’s creative and insightful work. His stories are poignant, entertaining, and authentic and his insights captivating. The work lets everyone experience being a road warrior without being on the road!”

-Dave Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

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