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A wonderful endorsement

I have had the great pleasure working with @Bonnie Hagemann in corporate workshops from San Francisco to Miami and several places in between. Bonnie heads EDAINC, a leader in executive development and executive coaching. She is the co-author of “Leading with Vision” and her new book, “The Courage to Advance: Real life resilience from the world’s most successful women in business” which I have had the privilege to preview, will be published in September.

I am very grateful for Bonnie’s kind words included in her endorsement of my new book “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trouser, Adventures in global business.”

“Ken is a world-class leader, mentor, teacher, speaker, and writer. He has tremendous wisdom and when he shares it, you can tell he’s reflected carefully based on his vast experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to live vicariously and learn through Ken’s global adventures.”

Bonnie Hagemann

CEO, Executive Development Associates, Inc.

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