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A great read about social responsibility in today's companies

I’ve been continuing my catch-up of summer reading.

If you are looking for a guide to understand how businesses are developing social consciousness and delivering on their ambitions, look no further than Philip Mirvis and Bradley Googins’s “Sustainability to Social Change, Lead Your Company from Managing Risk to Creating Social Value” (2022 Kogan Page).

This is a detailed, comprehensive, and superbly researched book with multiple case studies based in many instances on the authors’ own experiences. You will read about large, well-known companies and others perhaps not so well-known, and the journeys taken to ensure their businesses add value to all stakeholders and society at-large.

It is also a practical guide for any organization considering how to embark on this important path. If you have already started to build a social change mindset and action plan in your company, the ten stress tests included in the book provide a handy scoring system to determine how well you are performing compared to your goals.

A highly recommended read.

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