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3 Year Anniversary

A bit of summertime self-promotion.

Three years have passed since the publication of “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers, Adventures in Global Business” in which I shared 53 short stories about my experiences living and working around the world as a corporate banker, management consultant, and educator. Each story concludes with a lesson about business or life.I was honored to receive supportive comments for the book from many people I admire including:

Marshall Goldsmith: Ken’s stories “pack profound truths and insights…a great read for the fundamentals of business.”

Dave Ulrich: “As a fellow road warrior, I fully appreciate Ken’s creative and insightful work. His stories are poignant, entertaining, and authentic, and his insights captivating.”

Fons Trompenaars: “The content of this book is as intriguing as its title – many descriptions of real-life experiences from one of the most travelled individuals I know.”

Barbara M. Barrett: “With clever humor combined with common sense, Ken delivers wisdom that enriches and enlightens the reader.”

Mary Jo Jacobi: “…a spicy gumbo of great advice and thoughtful observations, served in entertaining and memorable bites. From alliances to attitude, culture to communications, there’s something useful and informative for every taste.”

If you are looking for light summer reading, click here for the paperback or ebook.

Should you prefer listening to my narration of the audiobook, click here               

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