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What's in a title?

Quite a few have asked about the title of my new book, “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers, Adventures in Global Business.” While I would not like to give too much away, the title refers to two stories in the book.

“Exploding Turkeys” was an experience my family and I had when we celebrated our first Thanksgiving holiday after moving to Istanbul, Turkey. While you might guess the outcome, there was not only a funny reason for the incident, but also an ironic kicker at the end of the tale.

“Spare Trousers” was inspired by something that happened when I visited a client in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. It was the kind of thing one might see in a television sitcom, but rarely experience in real life.

The book contains 51 other stories from my travels around the world. Each story includes a takeaway that I hope will be useful for the reader in business or in life.

PREORDER from Amazon before the July 6th publication.

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