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Valuable affirming feedback

Much is written about the importance of FEEDBACK in helping us become more effective in how we relate to others at work or in our lives generally. Without doubt it is a crucial tool to develop our self-awareness, the starting point for making changes in one’s mindset and behaviors. Feedback might help us focus on what we need to do to improve how we impact others and get things done. At times, it can also be motivational and life-affirming.

Our youngest granddaughter, 7 years old, was playing on the floor while my wife was sitting nearby. When I walked into the room my wife said something to me.

Rather uncharacteristically, I responded, “Whatever!”

Children’s ears, like radar, are always picking up signals. My granddaughter looked up and said,

“Grandpa, you sound just like a teenager.”

And then she added, “Grandpa, there is still some young in you!”

I’ll take that feedback any day!!!! 😊

Early in my corporate banking career I was asked to be the ‘training officer’ for a new MBA hire. As part of the learning experience for us both, I was to review his performance with him after his first 4 months on the job. To do so I was given some guidelines on how to provide feedback. Those guidelines have helped me ever since and I will share them in a post next week.

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