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Listening is an art

To deliver on vision, mission, and values - great leaders build relationships inside (up, down, and across) and outside an organization where everyone understands and buys-in to the business’s purpose. High performance becomes a team effort.

And effective teamwork is about open and honest communication. In the best case there is a meeting of minds and utilization of diverse skills to achieve common goals.

While transforming from a group of individuals into a team, interestingly, it is impossible not to communicate. Everything we do, and sometimes things we do not do, conveys a message. People are not mind readers so our words, nonverbal signals and our actions are how we create the bonds for effective working relationships.

A key to this constructive flow of information is LISTENING. Here is a favorite Scott Adams Dilbert cartoon where the ‘not so great’ boss expresses how he feels about listening.

Bernard Baruch, one of 20th century America’s richest and most powerful statesmen said, “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”

Great advice to keep in mind.

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