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Helping Yourself to a Sunny Day

My wife and I recently watched a CNN presentation which brought back memories of earlier times that we remember as if it were yesterday, specifically the 1960s-1970’s.

The film was about the ‘Troubadour’ tour that Carole King and James Taylor performed together a bit more than ten years ago. Their joyful collaboration which had been formed 40 years ago, was on display and their combined music writing, playing, and singing was sublime.

One of Carole King’s famous lyrics struck a nerve, particularly in view of the difficulties people face trying to find a way through this pandemic.

“You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face,

And show the world all the love in your heart”

Omicron is bringing the pandemic much closer to home for many and just about everyone is facing challenges at work and in private lives. But today, as before Covid, we can choose how to approach each day, what attitude to adopt when getting out of bed to confront the hurdles in front of us.

That lyric played in my head for several days; and coincidentally, we had purchased tickets to a Carole King tribute concert for later that week. “Tapestry, the Carole King Songbook” was performed exuberantly by Suzanne O’Davis with a talented backup band, harmonic vocals and the audience happily singing along.

When she sang, “You've got to get up every morning with a smile in your face,” it touched me again.

0ne may not necessarily have to have ‘love’ in your heart every morning; but rather than distrust, sarcasm, and polarization there can be caring, empathy, and concern for others.

Easier to say than do, I know, but worth a try for our own sake and for the sake of others.

(My sunrise photo at beach)

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