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Catching up with Barbara Barrett

The stars aligned once again, this time offering the chance for my wife and I to meet a dear friend while we are both visiting South Florida.

Barbara Barrett is former US Ambassador to Finland, former Secretary of the US Air Force and her resume includes many more roles, positions, and accomplishments that one cannot mention in a short post.

We have stayed in touch since her days in Finland, assisting one another in various ways. I am especially grateful that the day after stepping down as Secretary of the US Air Force Barbara wrote the following endorsement for my latest book, “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers, Adventures in Global Business.”

“Ken’s global career inspired these life lessons and colorfully presented leadership precepts. With clever humor combined with common sense, he delivers wisdom that enriches and enlightens the reader. Explore the world while sampling bite-sized morsels from every delicious page.”

Barbara, thanks again for that great review and making the time from your busy globe-trotting schedule to spend a couple of hours together for a wide-ranging conversation and many laughs.  

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