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Book endorsement by George McGurn

I met George McGurn in 1992 when I was working at the EBRD. He was leading a complex project to bring business education and SME advisory services throughout Russia in partnership with 7 leading Russian universities and local organizations.

The project made a huge developmental impact and for my involvement I was honored by the university consortium as an ‘Academician of the Russian Federation.’

George has had a remarkable career at the city and state levels in the USA. He is also an internationally recognized Professor of Management with hands-on experience in economic development, education, conflict resolution and cyber security.

Our friendship has grown even stronger over time. I thank George for this endorsement of “Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers, Adventures in global business.”

“This superbly crafted book at first glance seems to be a collection of 53 vignettes about his work and travels over a fascinating globe-trotting career. But the lessons and takeaways offer a managerial tapestry that can be useful in a reader’s business or personal life. Read one story at a time. Mix and match them. Useful insight is guaranteed from this superbly written book.”

George McGurn

Egremont Board of Selectmen, Massachusetts

Dean Emeritus, Boston University School of Management

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